Customized Slog3 LUT for the Fs7/Fs5/F5 to match the Arri Amira/Alexa/Alexa Mini

January 28, 2016


I've always liked the look of Arri cameras. The look they produce is filmic out of the box. The dynamic range is outstanding... Especially when you consider that Arri is still using the same sensor for their recent cameras as the 6 year old sensor the Alexa had when it was introduced. 


Having the Sony FS7 I was thinking...  Why not do a test on how closely I can match my Sony FS7 with the Arri Amira. 


Instantly I saw that the FS7 has a more purple/magenta/blue tone while the Amira has more green and is warmer. The provided lut by Sony, LC709A, to emulate the Amira makes it even more purple and therefore doesn't match well with the Amira with the Arri709 LUT. It also has more contrast, which makes it a harder look. To my opinion, this is exactly why some people find the Sony look too "video". 


Having tweeked the Sony LC709A LUT I received a much closer match to the Amira. 

You can get them close. Close enough to be able to comine them for a multicamshoot.


The FS7 is an amazing camera, which has a lot of potentential, even on higher profiled jobs, but it needs some knowhow and that's where the Arri shines: everything works out of the box.


As I invested quite a lot of time in this, I am willing to share my LUT for a donation in return. 


NEW!!!! EDIT:"Balanced Arrilook"


My goal was to match the preset Arri and 709_custom works quite well. 

This balanced Arrilook LUT is a sort of subtle minus green on the Arrilook and will be included with all new donations!


So... You get 3 LUTs:

Arrilook 709: to match Arri in preset

Arrlook Filmlike: Warmer skintones and slightly more blue shadows

Arrilook Balanced: Arri709 with minus green added


NEW!!! NEW!!! EDIT June 3th 2016: You can now download the FS7/FS5/F5/F55 LUTs using Gumroad, very easy and secure!

Link for the slog3.cine FS7/FS5/F5/F55 Arrilook LUTs:

Link for the Slog2 A7s and Fs7 LUTs package














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