Customized Slog2 LUT for the Sony a7s (II) to match the Arri Amira/Alexa/Mini

March 22, 2016


Having done a Arri Amira vs Sony FS7 test ( ) I had a lot of nice feedback and people asking me if I could do the same thing for the Sony A7s. And so... I did :-)


I wanted to see how well the Sony A7s can match the Arri Amira, which is known for its nice color rendition.


Like the Sony Fs7, I saw that the a7s has a more purple/magenta/blue tone while the Amira has more yellow/green.


The provided lut by Sony, LC709A, to emulate the Amira makes it even more magenta Therefore it doesn't match well with the Amira in preset white balance using the Arri c to rec 709 LUT. It also has more contrast, which makes it a "harder" look. To my opinion, all of the above is exactly why some people find the Sony look too "video". 


Having tweaked the footage in Davince Resolve I received a much closer match to the Amira. 

You can get them close. Close enough to be able to combine them for a multicamshoot.


The Sony a7s is a nice camera, with a lot of dynamic range for a 8 bit camera. Incredible low light capabilities, but when shooting Slog2 (at native 3200 ISO) I saw more noise then I would like. Exactly why most people overexpose the slog2 by 1 or even 2 stops. And... I would also advice to do so.


As I invested quite a lot of time in this, I am willing to share my LUT for a small donation in return. 


You can now download the LUTs, using Gumroad...

Link for the slog2 A7s and slog3.cine Fs7 LUTs  package:

Link for the slog2 A7s LUTs:


For further questions or feedback you can always email me:


This is made possible and a special thanks goes out to Rent@Gent, a Belgian based rental house. Please visit their website:



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